Reading Self Help Books

Even with the popularity of the internet these days, there is still a lot to be learned from good old fashioned books. If you head to your local book store you will find a self help section that covers everything from learning how to make more friends to learning how to speak in public. There is also a very large section of books that are dedicated to dating. You can learn everything from how to ask someone out on a date properly, how to strike up conversation with somebody you don’t know, how to be more outgoing and even how to be a better lover. There is a lot of information to be gained on your own time when you want to read and improve upon your dating abilities.

Online Courses

No we are not talking about those online colleges that will help you get your master’s degree in your field of education. These online classes will teach you things about dating that you never knew before. You will learn all about what it is like from your date’s perspective, the proper etiquette to use on your date, how to go about getting a second date and all the things you should and should not do the first time you go out with someone. These classes are usually taught by dating and relationship experts and you can take them from the comfort of your own home. This is a great option if you feel a little self conscious about seeking dating help and with a busy schedule, you can fit these classes in whenever it is convenient for you.

Casual Outings

If you feel like you have some trouble striking up a conversation with someone who you are attracted to because you just are not outgoing or friendly, you may want to go out either by yourself or with some friends and practice talking to some people who you don’t know that you find attractive. You can usually do this easily at someplace like a club or a bar where there are many people who are there to relax and socialize with others. Challenge yourself before you head out and say something like ‘I am going to talk to two new people tonight’ or ‘I will get a phone number from somebody I find attractive’. It is up to you then if you want to follow through for future contact or you can just use this as general dating practice to get the ball rolling.

While you might feel like you are the least skilled dater in the New York area, chances are most people are in the exact same boat as you. It is hard for most people to strike up a conversation with someone that they don’t know, especially when there is the added pressure of being on a date and having to interact with the person for the entire night. That doesn’t mean the entire date has to be a disaster. There are plenty of ways that you can educate yourself and practice going out on dates so that when you meet someone that is incredibly special, it will come naturally to you to know what to do. You won’t ruin the relationship by not having any knowledge on how to treat someone or act around someone. Take advantage of all the opportunities that are right at your finger tips so you become a much better person, more personable, a better partner and you feel more comfortable.

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